The Anatomy of a Hair Strand

by | Mar 10, 2024 | Haircare

The Anatomy of Hair: Key to Understanding Your Hair’s Absorption Superpower

Let’s take a fun journey through hair anatomy to uncover the secrets behind your hair’s incredible absorption abilities. A journey, that may answer the question:

Why does my hair seem to soak up that luxurious salon product like a sponge?

First off, picture your hair as a tiny, but mighty, superhero with its own unique structure. Yep, it’s not just strands of stuff on your head – it’s a whole fascinating world!

Meet the Hair Shaft

At the core of every hair strand lies the hair shaft. Think of it as the sturdy foundation of your hair, made up of layers of protein called keratin. This keratin not only gives your hair its strength but also plays a crucial role in absorbing those nourishing products.

The Cuticle: Your Hair’s Shield

Now, let’s zoom into the outermost layer of the hair shaft – the cuticle. Picture this as your hair’s very own shield, protecting it from the elements and locking in moisture. The cuticle is made up of overlapping scales, kind of like roof tiles, which can open and close in response to different conditions. When those scales are open, your hair is ready to drink up all the goodness from your favourite salon products!

This is also why we select specific styling aids for your needs, so that we focus on protecting the cortex, and ensuring we close the cuticles again after. Part of the reason that your hair feels softer after colour, instead of “fried”.

Cortex: The Powerhouse

Next up, we have the cortex, nestled snugly beneath the cuticle. This is where all the magic happens!

The cortex is packed with protein and moisture, making it the powerhouse of your hair. When you apply those fabulous products from Organic Colour Systems, they penetrate deep into the cortex, nourishing and strengthening your strands from within.

All colour services affect this part, and that’s why we make sure to nourish it with the treatment beforehand. We open up the cuticles to work the magic in the cortex and make sure to close them again, which is why it feels so soft. This is also where your personalised aftercare treatment suggestions from your stylist come in handy. They are helping with ways to prolong your colour, and your hair’s overall health.

Medulla: The Mystery Zone

Last but not least, we have the medulla. Now, not all hair strands have this innermost layer, but for those that do, it’s like the cherry on top of the hair sundae – a bit of extra intrigue! While scientists are still unravelling the mysteries of the medulla, some believe it may play a role in regulating the hair’s elasticity and moisture levels.

You’ll notice how we start your appointment with a stretch test, to see what your hair is currently lacking.

So, there you have it – the lowdown on the anatomy of your hair and how it soaks up those salon products like a boss! Remember, understanding your hair is the first step to keeping it healthy, happy, and fabulous.

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