Senior Therapist

I strive to be a gentle, kind soul, and thrive on making people feel good. I am passionate about individuals, and teaching them about self-care. The love for the Health and Beauty industry is addictive, and my passion for it oozes out of me.

I do quite like the BioDermal cooling enzymatic exfoliator.



Senior Hair Stylist

I’m one of the hair stylists at GojiSpa. I am very passionate about my job as a stylist. I love to be creative. I love to educate my clients to have the best home care routine at home for their personal needs. (P.S. GHD is one of the amazing things you can use at home )  

My top 3 interests in hairdressing are colouring, highlights, and upstyles. Root lift is one of my favourite products because it gives you volume without having sticky residue like mousse tends to.



I’m the new owner at GojiSpa (since Nov 2022).  I’ve always had a passion for natural (but effective) solutions. My goal at GojiSpa is to support my team, to provide the best possible experience for our clients, and to listen to feedback to keep improving on what we provide. I have a supportive husband, 2 daughters (one has ASD), and an adorable rescue pup. I have a Bachelors in Health Sciences and Social Services, and I’m a qualified (and Board Certified) Holistic Health Counselor.



Senior Hair Stylist

I’m 26 years old, and I’m a professional hair stylist at GojiSpa, and I’ve been in this profession for +-6years. I’ve got a great passion for being a hair stylist. I’m also a beauty therapist.

My top interest in my profession include washing clients’ hair, colours, cuts, and styling.

My favourite Organic Colour Systems product is Thermal 2 Twenty – because heat protection is important 💫


Senior Therapist

I’m a hearing impaired beauty therapist with a love for skincare and healing with massage.

Interests: Skincare, make-up, anime, K-dramas, food (all kinds of food), my daughter (everything about her is amazing), and living my best life.

Favourite Products: Retinol creams, serums, P50W lotion, B5 barrier cream, hyaluronic serum creams, SPF 50+ VitC serum  (too many to choose from).



I am GojiSpa’s receptionist. I am also an industrial psychology student who loves understanding people. I love daily interaction and constantly learning from my team and clients. I strive to show compassion and kindness every day.

My interests include makeup related videos and reading.

My favourite products: Vitaderm Skin Polishing Cream for a good exfoliation & Bellabaci Skin Get a Life!

Patricia (AKA Aunty Pat)

Cleaning/Maintenance extraordinaire, and hair salon assistant

I am the delighted spa helper. I keep the salon afloat and make sure all the girls are taken care of. I love meeting new people, but my favourite part is working in the hair salon: washing clients hair. My all time favorite products are in the Vitaderm range, and the No Limits Black (a product from the hair salon).

Kea T

Senior Therapist

I have been in the beauty industry for a good decade, and I must confess my love for therapy; and the will to contribute my talents to you.

My hobbies include reading, talking, and living my best life.

My favourite products are “Team Dr Joseph” babes.


Kea B

Senior Therapist

Hi there! I’m Kea B, a 29-year-old Jill of all trades. By day, I work as a spa therapist, and by night, I’m a singer/entertainer. My passion for skincare and holistic therapy has been with me since childhood, and in 2018, I finally had the time to pursue my certifications in massage, skincare, and nail technology.

I truly believe in the power of touch-therapy and it’s healing ability, I feel very grateful to have the opportunity, even if for 30-90 minutes to take someone’s mind off of their daily routine and help them relax and rehabilitate. We rarely put ourselves first in this life and I love the fact that as therapists we can help another take care of themselves, let their minds and bodies go on vacation, even if for a short while. It’s important.

Interests: COFFEE, reading, singing and hiking (when I can manage to get myself to the mountain)

 Favorite product: I’m loving the Team Doctor Joseph range


Receptionist / Management Assistant

Sweet Caroline is what they call me. I am always willing to lend a helping hand or be a shoulder to cry on for not only my clients, but also my team. I am also a qualified make-up and special effect artist.

I have a passion for baking (my lemon meringue is the best by far!), and I am a plant mom.

My favorite product (and one that I live by!) is the Bellabaci Bye Bye Belly Blues.


Senior Therapist

Lusanda is currently on hiatus roaming far away lands and oceans. We expect her to return around Septemeber 2024

I’m a 39-year-old mommy who is a beauty therapist that enjoys doing massages, especially sports massage. I’ve been in the industry for 17 years and still enjoy what I do.

I love spending time with my kids and family.

Favourite product: BioDermal enzymatic peel exfoliation and Bellabaci Stress No More.


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