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Our medispa treatments are non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.  The approach we take is highly specific and customized to each individual, and the area being treated. 

We offer various treatments to assist with pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and numerous other skin and anti-aging concerns.  We also offer treatments aimed at addressing body challenges such as cellulite, excess weight, and hair loss.

What are Cosmeceuticals? This classification represents the integration of cosmetic needs and pharmaceutical strength actives.  In contrast to cosmetics, cosmeceuticals are able to penetrate the epidermis and act deep within the dermis. 

CEYA Radio frequency is a highly effective, risk free modern technology, used to reduce excess fat and cellulite as well as help reverse the signs of ageing.

Using a hand-held device which emits radio frequency waves, this treatment results in the contraction of existing collagen fibers in the skin, while it stimulates new collagen production and so rejuvenates areas of the face and body.

CEYA radio frequency treatments result in:

  • Facial rejuvenation and firming (visible mini-facelift)
  • Firming of the gluteus/buttocks
  • Orange peel and cellulite reduction
  • Abdominal firming and re-modelling
  • Toxin and lymphatic drainage and elimination
  • Up to 70% increase in product penetration if used in conjunction with other treatments
  • Smoother skin and fewer wrinkles on superficial layer of skin

All Radio Frequency treatments have an immediate and visible effect on the skin, leaving it smooth and rejuvenated after the first 30 minute session. Consecutive treatments will promote a lasting effect.

Microneedling R920 (also see packages)

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles.  This treatment boosts collagen production, promotes healthy circulation, and helps to tighten and lift skin.  It is also ideal for treating acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and even stretch marks.

Renu Multiplex Facial Peel (60 minutes)

R780-R880, depending on how many layers are applied

Add on Decolletage: R150

This peel consists of a combination of acids that can treat an array of skin concerns.  A thorough skin consultation will be done before the treatment to ensure that the peel is suited to your skin concerns.

CEYA 3000 Treatments

CEYA Instant De-ageing Facial (60 minutes): R890
Combining high concentrations of specific ingredients to best treat your skin concerns with the remarkable toning abilities of radiofrequency therapy, this treatment will give you immediate and lasting results.

  • Slimming/Face/Scar Treatment session (30 minutes): R460
  • Initial session, including detox (60 minutes): R720
  • Ultimate Instant Anti-Ageing Facial (60 minutes): R880