If you’re not sure on what type of facial you need, you can just book a slot, and your therapist can analyse your skin’s condition and requirements for optimal nourishment. You can also request a skin analysis prior to your appointment. 

Facial add ons:

  • CEYA booster (R200): radiofrequency to assist with boosting collagen production
  • Lip and/or Eye Masque (R30 each area, or R50 for both): can be added to Vitaderm and Wesson facials. Contains free-radical properties, ultra conditioning, assists in minimising fine lines and wrinkles, and offers antioxidant benefits.

Vitaderm Facials

Vitaderm offers a results-driven clinical skincare system by combining state-of-the-art ingredient technology with advanced nutraceuticals. 


Essential Facial (30 minutes): R450

This is great for a quick skin boost, as well as for teen/tween skin. It includes a full skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, mask, and moisturizer.


Deep Cleanse Facial (45 minuted): R580

This is an energizing facial incorporating multi active ingredients which help clarify, purify, and support the normalizing of sebum production, assisting the prevention of blocked pores.


Intensive Brightening Facial (60 minutes): R770

Revitalize dull, tired, and pigmented skin, and say hello to a brighter, radiant complexion. 


Aromatic Facial (60 minutes): R620

The selection of aromatic complexes offers relaxing benefits for the mind and therapeutic effects for your skin, stimulating micro-circulation for a renewed healthy glow.

Pro-active Facial (60 minutes): R770

A Vitamin-enriched treatment that effectively soothes, nourishes, and protects skin that has been exposed to the elements.  This treatment offers the ultimate in skin conditioning benefits to nourish extremely dry or mature complexions and includes a relaxing face, neck, and decolletage massage.  Perfect for seasonal changes.

Bio-Dermal Skin Tech Facials

Biodermal Skin Tech combines natural actives and progressive technology to produce products with powerful corrective and preventative properties.


Go to Glow facial  (30 minutes):  R475

On the go facial for a busy lifestyle consists of a skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, and recommendations for at-home upkeep.

CEYA Booster Facial (30 minutes): R675

Take your Go to Glow facial to the next level. Radiofrequency will assist in boosting collagen production and help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Balance and Brighten Facial (60 minutes): R740

The Combination of Retinyl Palmitate, Vitamin C, and Soybean extract provides a wonderful combination to combat pigmentation, whilst Vitamin E and Dunaliella Salina Extract (a powerful anti-inflammatory compound) provide powerful healing properties for problematic skin.

Intensive Restore Facial (60 minutes): R740

A rich, skin-brightening treatment that transforms complexion from dull and lifeless to refreshed, hydrated, and luminous.  With ingredients such as Niacinamide (to improve the appearance of large pores and uneven skin tone), Vitamin C and Willow Bark Extract (to promote skin brightness), and Phospholipids that aid in product penetration. This facial is the perfect pick-me-up.

CEYA Instant De-ageing Facial (60 minutes): R890

Combining high concentrations of specific ingredients to best treat your skin concerns with the remarkable toning abilities of radiofrequency therapy, this treatment will give you immediate and lasting results.


**See our MediSpa section for additional, specialized options


Wesson Facials

The Wesson brand is notorious for supporting skin that usually “reacts to everything”. This is the most promising brand we’ve found to support all those who usually struggle with eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, etc. Or find that “nothing seems to work” with their skin (which could be due to a compromised “skin barrier”).

For excessively sensitive skin, we also have a great at-home “Desensitizing Programme”, that takes you through a 4-phase skincare routine to get your skin nourished, and well enough to welcome the best care. Your therapist can guide you through this entire process, every step of the way. Away with the frustrations, we’re here to guide you!

Gentle Facial (30 minutes): R425

This is great for an intro to skin care (like for teen/tween skin), or for those who find they tend to usually react to facials. It includes a full skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, masque, and moisturizer.

Nourishing Facial Therapy 60 minutes: R625

Conditioning extracts are incorporated into this treatment to calm and nourish sensitive, alipidic complexions. Ideal for mature clients experiencing extremely dry skin with sensitivity, as well as clients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy*.

Repairing Facial Therapy (60 minutes): R625

This treatment incorporates the use of the Repair Serum. All skin types benefit from the brightening effect of the Vitamin C content in the Repair Serum. This is highly beneficial for complexions that have been exposed to too much sunlight to support restoration. Ideal for mature skin prone to dehydration. Those with ultra-sensitive skin should first go through the Wesson desensitizing program and on the basic homecare range prior to introducing this facial (see description above).

Hydrating Facial Therapy (60 minutes): R625

This treatment incorporates soothing phyto-extracts to hydrate and calm all skin types prone to dehydration and sensitive complexions. Ideal for those who have just embarked on a Wesson Therapeutics home care routine. This is especially suited for young clients prone to dehydration e.g. oily skin with dehydration/acne-prone skin, and certain types of medical treatments*.


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